My Ceramic Journey: 
5 Years of Artistry

Embracing the Art of Clay

Letting My Hands Guide the Journey

Discovering the Unique Textures and Techniques of Different Clays. As a self-taught artist, I find inspuration and knowledge from my peers in my studio practice at Hospitality House Community Arts Program, San Francisco.

The Joy of Clay Artistry. The flexibility of clay allows my imagination to take shape, resulting in freeform sculptures, flower vases, and whimsical happy faces, all crafted from the heart.

I hope you find as much delight in my creations as I do.

                              Leslie G Mallo Jr,

                                  Ceramic Artist

Discover Mallo Creations

 Innovative and Freeform Ceramic Crafts Gallery

Blossom & Clay Creations

Artistic Hand-Thrown Flower Vases. Unique Beauty In 

Imperfect Form


Art from Recycled Clay. Transforming Remnants into Expressive Sculptures

Cups & Mugs

Elevated Sips: Artisanal Cups & Mugs with Distinctive Designs

Crafed Pipes

Artful Variations in Shape, Color, and Style. Functional for Smoking Pleasure

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